An End to Coal Gasification w/CO2 Capture at Kemper County

Utility Dive is reporting that Kemper Generating Station which is owned by Mississippi Power, a Southern Company subsidiary, will be run solely on natural gas and that lignite coal, which was mined in close proximity to feed Kemper's gasifiers will no longer be considered as a fuel for the plant.  The plant, which has been known in the CO2 capture community for its cost overruns and delays will utilize natural gas to feed its combustion turbine and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) that comprises the combined cycle portion of the power plant.  The coal gasifiers paired with Selexol CO2 capture system will no longer be utilized.

Unfortunately this will undoubtably be cheered by those opposing coal utilization with CO2 capture, however, it is also an opportunity to revisit and add focus to other CO2 capture technologies such as post combustion CO2 capture and oxy-fuel combustion.  While these technologies do not offer the thermodynamic benefits of a combined cycle generation arrangement, the technologies are based on much more wide spread coal combustion technologies as well as slag control and boiler fouling control and mitigation.