Fuel Additives

EFA primarily provides brucite, a naturally occurring magnesium hydroxide: Mg(OH)2. This additive dehydrates under temperature to magnesium oxide: MgO. MgO has a very high melting point (5,166 °F / 2,852 °C) and acts like flower on a baking sheet so that sticky deposits may be removed from high temperature surfaces.

However, many applications where waste fuels or "fuels of opportunity" that may offer reduced cost can provide operational challenges due to slagging and fouling. Some of these fuels such as municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, poultry litter, etc. have unique ash chemistry that may benefit from a custom fuel treatment approach. EFA can provide a unique blend tailored to your individual plant using a combination of additives such as magnesium hydroxide, kaolin, aluminum trihydrate, etc.